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firm tough character to the walls of the heart and is associated
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respiration. By the action of the respiratory pump the blood is driven
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erinary Surgery. Operatire Technique for Veterinary Surgeons. The Yeterinarian s Call
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earliest embryonic state until the lapse of three score
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The diagnosis turns on the existence of such symptoms in
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letter when any additional information will be most cheerfully
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balanced state of things and is applicable to conditions
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It surely is not a trivial affection for almost daily experience
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its used up burden and once more to furnish its coffers
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The larger bowel terminates in what is equivalent to a
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a circular letter of inquiry is being circulated in the States for
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pulmonic upon the form of the lesion whether obstructive incom
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Fig.. Anterior and posterior views of the medulla oblon
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The causes which promote coagulation of the blood within
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tion of the altering means to the altering ends the hut in
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former reputation. It was used with much success in the gener
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Etiology. Though there is reason to believe that in most
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passive influence of gravitation. Situated thus it the
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and whenever they are so placed as to be unable to carry and
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adhesions have already formed and so is likely to undergo necrosis
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tional role confined within the precincts of the cerebro
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In cases of marked cyanosis oxygen inhalations may be em
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tended with flatus in motion during evening and night. Ate

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