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cated to the Academic des Sciences a monograph on a method

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no tenesmus. Tongue dean with red streak along the centre

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veloped pharyngeal vault. Sex would appear to have but little

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the great systemic evacuations represent the purposive

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substances of extrinsic or intrinsic source or the trophic nerves of

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such as rice bran and cotton seed meal along with pea vine and

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aca. The tree is felled in its first flowering season or about the

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excavation that the sputa can be said to be typical. They are

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ing is common. During the paroxysms of whooping cough it is

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the end a condition to which the name spes phthisica has

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olutions not subject the Association to any expense.

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properly held the cervix may be dragged down with a slender

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when diffused or associated with pre existing emphysema is serious

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Thus alone is it possible for the hygienic circulation of

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tenotomy of the elevator of the upper eyelid in Bandow s disease.

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connected therewith two of which in particular are the

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Digestive syste t. There is usually more or less complete an

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class of patients whose almppt sole refpge the hands of

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its absorption we may take it that the process of organic

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sulphate or with compound elaterin powder to grains.

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most in accordance with our particular views of the

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ho maintained was an essential feature in the scheme. Reforms

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once commenced dilatation from failure increases and works back

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