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ever to clean the yeast and slimy matters from the mucous
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emergencies of the greatest importance. But it seems to
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Delegates to the Western Fair London J. P. O Neil and
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of the permanent vertebrae on one of the intervertebral discs.
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The next important indication is to procure sleep. For this
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sessile and of slow growth and may exist without evidence of
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striped muscle is long. The respirations at this period occur at rare
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Life beginning thus with the first vitalisation of inorganic
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we shall attempt an answer to the latter question first in
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short or thumpmg character. Naturally it is louder in persons with
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nel de Schweinitz and Smith. It is intimated by the form of
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blood circulation and the blood circulation having con
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ment standing upon the sides the most favorable position in
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had been injected into the bowels was thrown off the stomach
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turgid. The expectoration at first abundant becomes scanty and
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being constricted at the same time that the rate of blood flow through
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future or possible live elements of organic matter refuse to
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elements except by colour. We must therefore at all
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either Developed within the System or Introduced from without
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lation and extends to the system by the blood or lymph.. In
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Ufe animal and vegetable alike circulates through fibrous
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trituration and that admixture of its fur with the food

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