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central canal of the cord internally through which the

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parenchyma in virtue of which an inrush of atmospheric

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of the systemic nervous system begins in the sympathetic

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activity such as may arise in weeping another part of

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In these and many other functions it is continually

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and hence the examination of quiet respiration becomes necessary

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cardiac disease. The veins of the neck are distended and present

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impending there may be a considerable haemorrhage. When the

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sembly of students than has ever been seen within the walls of

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but merely the consequence of certain saccharine and fermen

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toneal and synovial. The residual products so to speak

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and throat affections. Some agencies such as dust and other

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large numbers in the consolidations. Clumps of them may be seen

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the glands of the head and neck will become infected and

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sequence of organic forms to overspread the earth s crust

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in our opinion provided with a somewhat elaborate but

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or motor. If the dreams be elaborate consistent and

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structural detail and knowledge of functional role not by

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occasionally led to this result. In childhood owing to rapid cell

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man to procure it so that ultimately there may be placed

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ination of the work how every part every section has been con

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anticipate that fierce criticism which he met at his preceding

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Outer end of clavicle Summit of arch of subclavian artery

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quickening advancement and the increased competitive

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