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Associate Professor of Gynecology College of Physicians a d Surgeons Visiting Surgeon to
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difficult to distinguish certain sounds produced within the lungs from
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veterinary medicine. Quackery flourishes here with freedom
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we see at work a most wonderful array of circulatory
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a little coffee about a quarter of an hour before rising and
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covered by the isthmus of the thyroid above and below by the muscles
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of alleged laxity in regard to the admission of members. Ue
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During the month and a half of the experiment these two
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neous supposition that all the cinchona known in commerce
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every cell and connective fibre forming the organised
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the well marked lesions of the peritonitis and pleurisy of septic
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man to treat disease. It is easier for one ignorant of arithmetic
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the application of the acid. It is not generally considered advisable
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apparel of the afferent peripheral terminal nerve Fig.
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ficial reflexes were diminished the tendinous reflexes were nor
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into sections viz. that of anatomy and physiology in which I
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But let us see to what special line of work these veterina
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Microscopic Examination of the Feces. The microscopic and
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The feelings or sensations expressed by them are but too
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Sanguineous sputum. The sputum may consist of pure blood as
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the ubiquitous watchfulness of the sympathetic partner
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have partaken of the suspected milk at the same time only one
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being for the life and service of which all the rest of our
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organization Dr. E. Montgomery President of the St Louis
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and must be evolved on lines determined by its all

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