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of the material elements of the structureless cell proto

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the most familiar example of which is the fire tongs. Unlike

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firmly established on the important plane to which it of a right

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recorded in the Review a few years ago by the injection of

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by a capillary circulation. The afferent liquor sanguinis

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obtain the maximal excursion. We possess no scale by which we can

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an indigestible meal or to catch cold without suffering from dis

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prescription does the physician owe his success. Both are

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suffers more than the female. Men suffer from all chronic

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symptom being specially noticeable after the patient coughs. The

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traced to their sources and appropriate curative as well

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Dr. J. Payne Lowe performed ovariotomy on a bitch which

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The alcoholic solution was evaporated and left crystals of a

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rales of cardiac rhythm pleuritic friction of cardiac rhythm various

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so mingled with almost colourless patches as to produce a marbled

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Fig.. Posterior vikw of the medulla oblongata and of the

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Methodical exercises are specially suitable to conditions of

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likewise following the abnormal disposition of motor

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function of secretion is entirely monopolised by gland

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instrument in producing and meting out the specific signs

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contents and the nuclear substance being continuous

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