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minces. Macerate for fourteen days and filter through paper.

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plaint in menstruating women who have not borne children. I encounter

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tention that further search will reveal other effective

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best way of overcoming their influence or of averting their increase. To

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THERAPEUTICAL EFFECTS. Eaisins are emollient nutritive and de

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there is not positive evidence that the ovaries and

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that you neglected your scalp for years. Wash thoroughly with soap and

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otorrhea without vertigo 7. Lesions of the inner table are

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case of this interesting affection. The patient a man

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sop to conciliate the farmer vote wherefore the Government

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and thus the conditions most favorable for repair have

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which originated in the military service. Such can only be obtained

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mit the Pharmacopoea to a careful revision and to make any

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When French and allied military patients are admitted to discharged from or die

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was the doctor s indignation when Adams informed him that Congress attri

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puncture by means of several platinum needles connected with

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perhaps was not known by him to exist when he wrote

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societies set to work to secure doctors from outside.

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growths until there can be shown more uniformly good

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there be weakening of the authority and influence ol the

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Thomson acting Senior Medical Officer to supplement

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the middle ear cavity. The prominent symptoms are as follows

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Morton mentions a patient of forty seven who was injured in a railroad

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areas of recent lobular pneumonia representing a recent extension of the process

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The axillary line descends perpendicularly from the summit of the

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recognized by all military surgeons whether occupied at the front or in

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in reaction. The fseces of carnivora contain a large amount of

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propagated in one medium such as air is badly transmitted to another of

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lishment was built on modern lines in 1910 it contains

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be more or less changed in some part of their course

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Little Acts of Kindness. Walter s mother had made a

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frontal as the governing centre of speech articula

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places during the past two months. According to the

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might be that described b Page but in every day life where

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be most distinctly observed by placing a stethoscope against

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This network of fibers gives the dorsal and medial borders of the

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to members who require them we have decided to limit

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on either foot the walk is normal. Patellar reflex slightly greater on

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secondary anaemia and a barium skiagram gave no evidence

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the new one into its place. He also insisted on the necessity of

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pantheism in their sacred books the second and third

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that there is a foreign body in the ear should never be accepted

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rare that we can assign to a simple pericarditis a chronic char

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In the uterus the ova undergo segmentation and not unfrequently

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and incising the skin and muscles the operator with his hand bound

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less value when accuracy is needed than is supposed and in the

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They attribute the differences between their experiments and those of

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upon the horse. The preparation may be serviceable how

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hours at a time without fatigue. The remedy is certainly one of

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Ne hritis is probably the most frequent form of kidney trouble and

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Acid and para phenetidin a body obtained from para nitro

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vitiated by a number of unpractical recommendations. It

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these regions there are groups of lymphatic glands and at operation

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subsided the detachment suddenly increased after violent exercise.

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of much service. It is also one of the best restoratives of

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of our knowledge of that organism be taken as a criterion for

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pebbles of the conglomerates include diorit43iflj augite porphyry serpentine jafi gt er

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man pathologist Rudolph Virchow was enabled to give to

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special report from any teacher of the school the child has

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the arachnoid cell cluster while the very frequent process of

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deduisis une occlusion siegeant a ce niveau. Je reviendrai sur ces

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important as they were were exerted upon a profession and a

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made to enter the mouth by opening the sliding valve in the cross

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hiding of the heart sounds was not caused by an ef

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is needless to say that an absolute necessity to the proper

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and serious to meet the descriptions. Other species how

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the dose should be decreased. The amount necessary in such cases

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symptoms and physical signs and such cases come under observation as

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operated not by any external sanctions but by the mini

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The laws of mortality are as fixed as the laws of gravitation.

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Some discussion took place on a further recommendation

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be obtained before one is qualified to testify in a

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somewhat in relation to the thoracic wall. The roots the

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by continue reinoculations the cure will be greatly

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Of course there are many very wonderful coincidences that

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longed exercise. Since April 1892 he has had almost

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of Africa to investigate the status of the disease in that region

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predicate vocative as in w tXrarc perairiTrTwv but on what grounds

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minds so tightly that with other than their own language signs they cannot

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ceptions and conceptions for the latter are projected and have

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toms indicate their exhibition. In the commencement of fever we can decide

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pains without digestive disturbances and without ophthalmic symptoms

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