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some of his criticisms and medical men in civil life

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avant du peritoine envelopp6es d un tissu oellulaire commun dont les inilamma

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room. At that time their clothes were left at night

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by the consultants in nem opsychiatry who outlined the above plan for dealing

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taining frequently small abscesses are characteristic of a

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BOTABiCAL CHARAOTEBS. The rhizomo is white taberous and jointed ninning

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Mothershead John H. Sanders George W. Mears who removed from

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the inflammation is subsiding and if the swelling is slow to depart

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affection frequently results in ugly scars and permanently bald spots

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receiving patients on September 16 1918. It received both medical and sur

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We appeal then to every mother as she values the securi

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exposure for the disinfection of wood and cloth infected with

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Very often a single paracentesis cures the patient the little liquid

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bulging posteriorly and with a small perforation at

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specialty in this area. An orthopedic department of the surgical division was

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Royal Commission if he had he would support it. It was not an

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reacting animals which liad been killed. The results were noted to confirm

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specific against the edema and heart failure arising

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of plate glass was placed a small bottle capable of containing half a

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recovery. Subsequent cicatrization with contraction of tendons and

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President s address Science dept. National Educational Associa

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wards be associated appears the method most likely to be

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Congo Belgian The Relation of Game to Trypanosomiasis of

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ment of this Congress itself We have this Section of ours in the

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lost their powers through sexual excess or other cause

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Benjamin Rush in the city of Washington by the members of

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uterine douches at intervals may be given to advan

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aorta. RakeJ reports a case of sudden death from round worm and

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ducts. The inflammation shuts off the narrow bile tube leading from the

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was to develop weapons and to gain a better understanding of the

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A second incomplete experiment shows features which are

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times was thought sufficient to accuse Pasiphae of beastiality

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lin Arthur Henry Cole Dane 1874 Surgeon Bombay Army Patrick J

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less as a crude measure for the degree of acidosis. At the time

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years later Larrey saw the evil effects of the tight crucial

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operation has been performed with the ecraseur and it has failed

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former disease. In all of my cases the dyspncea was

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a faint odor when in mass and having a mild sweetish taste. When

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present Drs. McCoy Dock Kraus Graves Bass Amesse Levy

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administration of opium to allay the cough are tin main indications.

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with scanty and difficult menstruation small blood

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antagonistic to their growth. It has been demonstrated that

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the filling from a right superior molar. The case a young woman

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Graves R.J. Cases in which Gray Hair Regained Natural

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ually more and more anaemic and feeble and finally died a ith marked

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without it. In other words alcohol is a deceptive means

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example but there are undoubtedly other as yet ill defined or scarcely

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bad any clinical manifestations of protein sensitiveness

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beat it was pulsating and fluctuating. M. Nelaton said that it reminded

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should when it does arrive be expedited and facilitated as far

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began 9 months ago with bladder symptoms. She had frequent

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berculosis 5 times twenty eight of these cases were chil

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led to the discovery of her crime. She was found guilty but

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cicatrix mentioned the upper limit is IJ inches above the

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thinness of their walls and the limpid character of their fluid they yield

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but has little recollection of details. On admission

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classification and study of these will demonstrate the varieties

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you may have absolutely failed in the standing or sitting

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is taken from Archigenes through Philumenus. Hie accounts oC

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quantity of coagulated blood within the joint cavity.

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riew aeoordinf to which tho prccuisory catarrh itself is due to tk

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the century a gift to the world which cannot be estimated a direct

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This point to the naked eye had a suspicious appearance of

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pewauco and composition of the sputa will serve to distinguish between

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necessarily sketchy study as this. The conclusion is

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the circumstances he submitted that the bringing o

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certain general differences as regards the quality of the heredity

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appearance of the great tumour on the neck. Ijlo vestige of

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illustrated in the diagnosis of thoracic aneurysm. I would

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worked. It is only by treading in his footprints that anyone can hope

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medical men may meet together not as icicles but as broth

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procured glasses. This has resulted in a noticeable

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invoked in the examination of cases in which impaired circulation

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or fifth week and may be much later in appearing but it

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investigators. The symptoms produced in the host are

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what normal circumstances the sugar is utilized we do not yet know.

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mittee to which it was referred. The bill is in Dr.

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been brought away and the body left behind the feet must be brought

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crests and subsequently spots appeared on the arms chest abdomen

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two and one half cm. in diameter subsequent tuberculin intradermal test con

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Much could be said along this line of thought I have ad

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Add an equal vol. of dilution of antigen BIO 731 without mixing the

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rise to prototoxoid. The hypothesis of the presence of one toxin

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