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with medical students at the teachiug centres in Great
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shampooing and the slowly interrupted galvanic current alternating with
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not be understood unless we examine the life history of the cattle tick.
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the cavity with saline solution or brushed the peri
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alyzed or as the earliest surviving form of human thought.
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claim that the sewing machine is the great boon of the nineteenth
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absolute loss of sensation from pressure on the conduct ing channel from
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growths to flourish in an acid medium and the presence of these
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not proportionate to the height and duration of the fever while
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usual mastoid operation where healing by granulation is
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the apartment fasting. Chloride of lime may be sprinkled
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Edinburgh and 35 Dawson Street Dublin for the inspec
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up these distinctions any longer and consequently the article is now
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them followed by multiplication of the parasites accompanied
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unhealthy has a few minor ones and they are of importance only
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mosing and presenting very much the appearance of reticulum
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Symptoms. Same as a tumor or aneurism of an artery only
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some other name has rendered society is in increasing the members of this
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the consideration of the subject of general treatment
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of literature and art especially in the way of developing the genetic or
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health of the people by providing illustrated pamphlets dealing with the
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vapours from the heart to the lung as has been said above and
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vincing story of the results of the exanthemata. Out of 600 cases
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increased precipitation and by that of nitric acid a few
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non annulated constriction named the neck. The mass of the body is
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Three things seem to assist epithelization greatly
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what determines the formation of eggs or sperms rather than of
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Patent bearing date at Westminster the Fourteenth day of September in the
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necessary business and to discuss such subjects connected with the interest of the
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as a profession and was employed as assistant civil
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shape of the muscle plates had been acquired however before
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ards found. It was of course impracticable to estimate the
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shall have so become vacant and the election to till
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This ring cutting through the skin on the back of the
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later than an hour after infection do so largely as a
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strings they render it possible to subject the scrotum
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attention relates further uses he finds for this appliance as follows
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have said the pressure on the heart usually is equal to 754
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which can be easily extracted from it by repeated washing with saline.
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vulsions also are partial. The disease being limited to one side the
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Attention is drawn to the success of the anti malarial campaign in
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in no case showed any evi.lence of tuberculous infection inoculation and
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decision is at present impossible and may always remain
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phase of this disease consists in the disturbance of tbe nervous sys
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puerperal sepsis separately was greater in 1919 than iu any
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heart and found that it was somewhat flabby. The muscular fibres
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lingual artery. He considered the danger of septic poisoning was less
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health. His interest in tuberculosis was as much sociologi

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