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to these patients, there is an almost inevitable loss of contact

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may see cause to revive and equip it for the work which it

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faults in the method of experimentation, the animals not being thor-

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as stated by Alcinous: "We always like the banquet, the lyre and

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interesting nature, which alone can sufficiently account for those

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easily enucleated, but it is an operation of gravity

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should be remedied and removed. Decayed teeth, errors in refrac-

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tion, with headache, upon using the eyes. Has given up

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comprehend the importance and secure the integrity of

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March and May, four times iu October, and twice in November.

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to share its advantages; or, on the other hand, it may

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left the house, for several days there was some little paralysis of the

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the meningococcus in order to detect possible differences in the

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there any disease which is not due to the all-prevailing parasite ?

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much resemble. The accompanying figure gives an idea of

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case. Butter-milk suits many patients better than fresh milk. In

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that the cancer has extended from some contiguous organ to the kidney ;

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irremediable and inevitably fatal effects. But still there is a

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Injury. This may occur in several ways ; sometimes the patient has

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red blood-corpuscles extravasated into the lumen of the

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citement, and his case will demand a treatment diligently adapted to

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Dermatitis, presumably related to small vessel disease

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th6 GOnfecjuefice of temota of tlie faeces. I have accordingly

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felt tricorn hat pattern

were necessary. With smaller amounts the reading was apt to be

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Atlanta, editorially commented upon In the Bawmnak Prett, no one

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that it was by some process of observation and comparison of the

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tives, such as cascara, aloes, or senna, may be given at night. Elaterium,

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The snare described in the following lines is a combira-

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in-law and pupil, now Sir Everard Home. In this work we

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for nearly three years; that in the atypical caaes benefit resulted in

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destruction of the pulmonary tissue will be less likely to occur, or occur

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In this country the wime numlter of souls is supplied

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its annual trip up the Labrador Coast : Dr. C. J. Martindale,

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were consistent with the evidence adduced on the part of the plaintiff. At

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1. The only diseases which can, with assurance, be attributed to an

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gress locally, until September luth, when the swelling

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Iniai.1 ( )i 1 1 k 'I\i;ii w i i ii \ I'kai. i iki hi i hi 1 m.k '1'aiu.i. — A-,

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to serve the best purpose and gave the best final re-

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medical corps of the navy shall consist of a surgeon-general, with the

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